Formerly the British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors (BCIPI)

ASTTBC continues as the certifying body of property inspectors ensuring they maintain the highest industry standards to enhance protection of the public. All ASTTBC Certified Property Inspectors are qualified and experienced in property inspection and in preparing informative reports for clients.

The designations for Property Inspectors are:
  • CHI or Certified House Inspector – this designation relates to the standard house inspection that might be carried out by a prospective home purchaser.
  • CPI or Certified Property Inspector – members with this designation may do house inspections, but are also certified to carry out various types of commercial property inspections.
  • RRFA or Registered Reserve Fund Analyst – this designation relates to the preparation of reserve fund plans for various types of real estate as well as specifically addressing the requirements for Strata Depreciation Reporting.
There are also two modifiers for designations:
  • P or Provisional which is a temporary modifier (as in CHI(P)) with a specific time limit for removal.
  • L or Limited which indicates a specific limitation on the size or complexity of the building(s) being inspected (as in RRFA(L)). The L modifier is not time limited.