Home Inspector Qualifications

Members of ASTTBC-PI meet all home inspector qualifications


Members of ASTTBC-PI meet high certification standards based on applied science qualifications, as well as demonstrated experience and competency in the field of house and property inspection. For an inspector to be certified, he/she must:

  • Successfully complete training specified.
  • Have 'hands on' experience in inspections.
  • Hold membership in the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC.
  • Pass a review of qualifications by the ASTTBC Property Inspection Certification Board (PICB).

All ASTTBC-PI inspectors are required to follow a Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines. The ASTTBC PICB ecognize four levels of expertise:

  • Certified Property Inspector : CPI - highest level of certification, meeting BOE requirements for training and experience in condominiums, single family residences and entire buildings. Inspectors with the CPI designation are also certified by ASTTBC as an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) or Certified Technician (CTech).
  • Certified House Inspector : CHI - next highest level of certification, meeting BOE requirements to inspect condo units and singe family residences. Certified House Inspectors hold a minimum of Associate status with ASTTBC.
  • Provisional Certified House Inspector : CHI(P) - have completed training specified by the BOE and are in the process of completing additional requirements to meet conditions applicable for full certification as a Certified Home Inspector (CHI). Provisional Certified House Inspectors may offer services directly to the public. As well, CHI(P)’s may also be an AScT, CTech, Associate, Graduate Technologist or Graduate Technician member of ASTTBC.
  • Inspector-in-Training - new entrants into the industry who have yet to complete all the courses and the requisite number of inspections for certification. IITs are not yet authorized to offer inspection services to the public.