If you would like to install a fence around your property, how much is your working budget should be? If you don’t have any idea how much it will cost you to install a fence, then it’s best that you start asking around. Start by calling up a reputable fencing company and asking all the questions you want to be answered by them. Of course, you must end the call with a request for a quote.  

It’s true that you may possibly install a fence on your own. But it’s strength and stability are something that an amateur can’t guarantee. Experts install fences all the time, so they won’t be bothered by the slope or grade of the land surrounding the property.  

How Much Does Fence Installation Cost? 

If you really want to make fence installation as a DIY project simply because you want to save, then it’s time to touch upon the costs. Fence installation could cost you a few thousand dollars, and that’s a fact. The bigger your property is, the more expensive the undertaking will be.  

The best way to know the actual price of the project is to have somebody who is an expert in fence installation to come over and assess your property. Aside from its size, there are many other factors that could affect the price, such as the grade of the land, obstacles, and the materials you want to use. Your personal preferences regarding the height of the fence is a factor as well.  

What to Ask a Fence Installer  

Since you’ll have somebody come over your home, you might as well ask them about a few other things about the project. That way, you’ll get more relevant information about it and you make sound decisions later on.  

Start by asking who will get the city permits necessary for the project. Since there will be digging involved, will they get clearance from the utility companies as well? You should also know how long the project will take and if they offer a warranty on their services.  

The answer to these questions may affect the price of the project, but that’s okay. All of these questions are relevant and you’ll end up doing them if the contractors won’t. It’s best that you let them handle every single detail since you’re going to hire them anyway.  

How Much Should You Pay Them?  

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that question. But to give you an idea, then it’s better to start by setting an estimated price on the project based on the materials to be used. The cheapest type of fence is the chain-link fence, which costs around $13 per foot or $2,600 on the average. The next is the wood fence, which costs $16 per foot and has an average price of $3,200. Installing vinyl fences cost $30 per foot and that’s about $6,000 on the average. If you want to install an aluminum fence, then expect to pay $40 per foot or an average of $8,000. You see, fence installation is not that cheap so you have to decide correctly at the start.   

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