Certification Process

Become a certified property inspector.


Certified inspectors are identified by one of two designations: Inspectors working towards full certification (CHI or CPI) are initially classified as either a Provisional Certified House Inspector (CHI (P) or an Inspector-in-Training (IIT) depending on their level of education and training. The ability and competence of CPIs and CHIs is maintained through continuing education facilitated by ASTTBC-PI; this is to ensure inspectors remain current with the latest changes in the building industry and the on-going performance issues of residential and commercial buildings in BC. As professional liability issues are of great concern for both the house and property inspectors and to their clients, ASTTBC-PI inspectors carry errors and omissions insurance.

CHI and CPI professionals must pass a rigorous supervised mentor training and assessment program before receiving authority to offer inspection services for a fee to the public at large. Applicants are encouraged to compare the standards of all groups offering certification to make sure they meet ASTTBC’s high standard for professional certification and regulation.

Please click on this Link to the Certification Policy and the Appendexes

Property Inspection Certification Policy 2015

The certification process, including academic requirements, is outlined in the policy.