Steps to Membership

Property Inspectors BC Association


ASTTBC-PI is an institute established under the provisions of the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (ASTT) Act, to represent the professionally certified house and property inspectors in British Columbia. Think of it as ASTTBC-PI under the umbrella of ASTTBC.

Membership is required in ASTTBC-PI. For more information, please download the Membership Application forms.

Membership Applications Fees*:


Onetime fee to accompany application $250
Mentorships and Assessments (ea) $375
Orientation $250

Annual Membership Fees 2015/2016


CHI/CHI(P) membership $370 + $95 (levy)
CPI/CHI/CHI(P) dual membership $185 + $95 (levy)
IIT $265 + $95 (levy)
IIT dual membership $185 + $95 (levy)


Dual membership is defined as professional designation in two different disciplines, eg a CTech within ASTTBC and a CPI within ASTTBC-PI.

* plus GST

Registered Reserve Fund Analyst (Limited) & Registered Reserve Fund Analyst

The British Columbia Strata Act requires a qualified person to compile a list of the assets (inventory), asses the condition (evaluate), estimate the replacement dates (anticipate maintenance, repair and replacement) and to prepare a contingency reserve report of the costs for future replacement providing a payment plan over a 30 year term.

The RRFA(L) designation is available to ASTTBC members in good standing that have the CHI designation.

The full RRFA designation is available to ASTTBC members in good standing that have the CPI designation.

To apply for certification as either a Registered Reserve Fund Analyst (Limited) or a full Registered Reserve Fund Analyst, please complete the Application form.